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It was no surprise when Marq Smith-Candelaria and Ed Candelaria-Smith -- both devoted fans of the highly successful Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul television series, as well as beloved Administrators of the popular Facebook group, “Better Call Saul Three Strikes Group”— noticed that Albuquerque was missing something. Something important.

How could it be that even though both series were filmed in, and indeed glorified, the city of Albuquerque since their inceptions in 2008 and 2015 respectively, that there had never been a local wellspring for the legions of devoted, die-hard fans to find and savor highly coveted, unique, Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul merchandise, gifts, and souvenirs?

And so, given their boundless resourcefulness and undying love of all things Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, Marq and Ed made a momentous decision that is sure to delight fans near and far.

Announcing the arrival in the heart of Old Town, Albuquerque New Mexico, on January 2, 2020…

“We will carry merchandise from local artists, as well as hard-to-find products from throughout the Breaking Bad universe. As fans who love both shows (as well as the Breaking Bad movie, El Camino), we will put the energy, the time, and the scope into the store that fans expect. And we will provide the kind of customer experience that will make locals and out-of-town visitors alike eager to visit our store time and time again.”

And to the many, many fans of the shows, Marq and Ed say:

“You are the ones who knock...please come in and see what we got. We know you will say, ‘it’s Saul good man!’”

Full ONLINE STORE opening soon, so keep checking back!!

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